How A Single Video Reshaped My Career

How A Single Video Reshaped My Career

Passion doesn't always hit at once. Mine sparked unexpectedly while scrolling social media. Today, I'm talking about how a single video reshaped my career.

Picture this: it's 2021, and there I am, scrolling through YouTube, and one random video changes everything.

It was an MIT lecture featuring the video recording of Barack Obama but with a twist – the video was entirely fake, a testament to the power of AI. As the fake Obama confessed that he was a fake, a spark ignited within me, a burning sensation I'd never felt before. At that moment, I knew I had found a spark.

With a business background and uncertain future, I sought guidance from mentors – seminar professors from my university – William B. Claster and Santiago Ruiz Navas. Their unconventional AI-focused teachings in a business-minded university propelled me into the tech and AI world, despite lacking foundational knowledge.

Breaking into tech wasn't easy, especially with my doubts and a non-tech background. Yet, in addition to self-study, I pushed hard for internships, often wondering if they'd even consider me. But I didn't give up. After many tries and rejections, I learned and grew stronger.

Every rejection eventually led to an incredible 'yes’. Two years of not giving up, fueled by my growing interest in tech, led to an incredible moment. I got a software engineer job at a big company in Tokyo. It felt like a dream!

Receiving this final interview result for the SE job from my top-choice tech company was one of the most gratifying moments in my life. It held an incredible significance to me, with me proving to myself that I could, and was able to do it.

This journey showed me something powerful: when we really care about something and stick with it, no matter how tough it gets, we can make amazing things happen.

I'm amazed at how an unexpected spark reshaped my life. I'm eager to share my experiences to empower those on uncertain paths. My words to anyone still searching for your calling: it's not just about finding passion; it's about embracing unexpected moments that redefine our journeys!